How to Stake Agoric and Earn extra BLD

This is a quick guide to show you how to stake Agoric native token BLD and earn more BLD.

Step 1: You need to have Keplr Extension installed. If not, download it from Chrome Store and create an account

Step 2: Select Agoric from the provider list. You will see your BLD balance display. Click on the Stake button in the bottom of the Keplr extension

Step 3: Once you click the Stake button, new webpage will be opened

Step 4: Select the validator you want to stake from the list. You can select Blockshark, we are pro at Staking and have joined Agoric since Testnet in mid 2021. Our servers are in secured location with 24/7 monitoring and 99.99% uptime. Importantly, our commission is only 3%, one of the lowest rate. You will keep the most of your BLD.

Step 5: Click the Manage > button, new pop-up will show the Validator information. Click Delegate

Step 6: Enter the amount of BLD token that you want to stake. Then Click Delegate

Warning: Staking will lock your funds for 21+ days. You will need to undelegate in order for your staked assets to be liquid again. This process will take 21 days to complete.

Keplr Extension will popup a message to ask for your confirmation. Click Approve.

Thank you for reading this, we hope you all the best with your investment. If you want any Price Discussion, join or join local Telegram Groups for further discussion.

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